RESTful Deployment

I have been an enthusiastic APEX fan for years. And like every APEX fan, I also have a workspace on APEX.

Here Oracle offers the possibility to get to know APEX and to host small demo projects. You can switch and manage within your workspace as you like. What Oracle does not offer here, however, is external access to the database / schema with an IDE or SQLPlus. Of course, otherwise Oracle would have to publish the port of the DB listener.

Recently I read an article by Peter Raganitsch. Link:    Here he describes how to upload and evaluate log files via RESTful Service. When I read that, I had an idea. Why shouldn’t this also work with my source code?


Interactive Grid – Update current row only

In my current project I use an interactive grid on one page. When you click on a row, i. e. select it, a report is displayed below the grid that displays this data set. The editing of the data set is realized in a modal dialog. If it is closed, the report including the currently selected line in the grid should be updated.


Sublime Text 2

I read and hear more and more about Sublime Text. And although the editor’s beta version 3 has been around for ages, I’ve been working on Sublime Text 2. Well, what can I say? It’s Read more…